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Welcome to the Metzger Academy

Metzger AcademyWelcome to the Metzger Academy, founded in 1981 and operating as a fully-licensed daycare/preschool facility located in the heart of the DC Metro area in Vienna, Virginia. We provide daycare, preschool and afterschool care for children age 2 months to 12 years . . . but we do so much more than that! With a curriculum rooted in the arts and culture of three major world languages, we energize young minds and kindle a life-long desire for learning.

With lots of love and positive encouragement, we help children develop good manners, social skills and politeness . . . and your child will be so busy having fun, he/she won’t even notice!

Come, explore our world here at the academy and see why our kids know they belong, are respected and are loved!

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